Reporting Incidents of Bias in EEMB

Reporting Feedback and Suggestions to the EEMB Department.

If you feel comfortable doing so, all incidents should first be reported to the laboratory PI, a Diversity Officer, the Graduate Advisor, or the Department Chair. Incidents of bias may include discrimination, inappropriate behavior, microaggressions, or any other interactions that made you feel uncomfortable.

No one should fear retaliation or retribution in reporting an incident of bias. You can use the anonymous EEMB Reporting System, linked below, to document incidents of bias. These reports can be made anonymously, or if you choose, you can leave contact information and a Diversity Officer will follow up with you.

Reporting Incidents of Bias at UCSB

UCSB also has several campus-level mechanisms for reporting incidents of bias linked below.


You can help the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology make change and address concerns by clearly identifying problems and suggesting changes.

Please submit comments, concerns, and suggestions to the EEMB Online Comment Box. This suggestion box form is reviewed regularly by the Diversity Officers; you may submit your name but you have the option to remain anonymous.