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EEMB Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Our department is committed to fostering a climate that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion among students, staff, and faculty.

 Mission Statement

The EEMB Department seeks to address disparities in representation in the fields of ecology, evolution, and marine biology faced by persons due to, but not limited to, ethnicity, race, nationality, or sexual orientation and gender identity. These disparities were highlighted in the Letter to UCSB EEMB Faculty with Demands Toward Racial Equity (July 1, 2020) and the Black Graduate Students Letter to EEMB (June 30, 2020). We seek to improve the climate within EEMB such that all of its members feel safe, respected, and supported to contribute productively. 

 Strategic Action Plan

To improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in critical departmental functions...

  • EEMB organized three Working Groups, composed of a faculty Chair, at least two other faculty, students, and staff, committed to improving diversity, equity, and inclusivity in three areas of department policy and culture: 1) Recruitment, Retention and Accountability, 2) Curriculum, Teaching, and Research, and 3) Climate. Please see individual Working Group agenda for specific action plans in these areas. 

To develop a permanent and transparent structure for implementing change in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion...

  • We are in the process of permanently including the Diversity Equity & Inclusion Committee into the EEMB bylaws. This committee will comprise EEMB faculty, students, and staff.
  • The Working Groups will report progress regularly to all interested constituents. 
  • The development of this DEI website that will be updated quarterly with progress, current events, resources, and an anonymous reporting/suggestion button that will be read by the Diversity Officers. 

To implement changes across campus and at the university-level regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion...

  • EEMB has three DEI Officers representing three constituent groups (Faculty, Students, Staff) attending monthly meetings with the DEI Vice Chancellor Office. These meetings foster cross-pollination of ideas across the campus for the collective goal of improving diversity, equity, inclusivity, within academia. 

 Diversity Officer Contacts

Diversity Officer - Faculty Advocate
Faculty representative for Working Group 1
Diversity Officer - Graduate Student Advocate
Diversity Officer - Undergraduate Student Advocate
Lab Manager

 Suggestions? Comments? Concerns?

You can help the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology make change and address concerns by clearly identifying problems and suggesting changes.

Please submit comments, concerns, and suggestions to the EEMB Online Comment Box. This suggestion box form is reviewed regularly by the Diversity Officers; you may submit your name but you have the option to remain anonymous.