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Statement of Current Condition: 

The following are active projects and associated leads. Make note which you might be interested in helping on or come with suggestions on actions you would like to contribute that you do not see here (for a full list of other suggested efforts please view the ‘ranked priorities document’ in development):

  • Onboarding documentation (Lead: An Bui) 
  • Creating a webpage as a “one-stop-shop” for information about the WGs, DEIW, as well as general DEI related information (Leads: Adiran Stier & Oscar Perez)
  • Working DEI officers on reporting documents/mechanisms (Lead: Sayward Halling)
  • Collecting DEI campus wide events to share (Michelle Lepori-Bui)
  • Matching WG suggestions and DEIW priorities (All)


  1. Improve channels of communication among stakeholders
  2. Update departmental mission statement to reflect commitment to DEI in EEMB
  3. Improve culture and capacity building Improve accountability and evaluation practices

For more details and possible pathways, see [Link]


The goals of the Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Science (EEMB) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Working Group 3 (WG3) committee are to facilitate and ensure a welcoming climate and curriculum for all students, faculty and staff by implementing thoughtful, practical, iterative and innovative strategies at all levels. To achieve this, the EEMB DEI WG3 committee will serve as a centralized body for coordination and collaboration on DEI-related topics including - but not limited to - the 2020 student demands submitted to the faculty. WG3The DEI committee will provide recommendations and support for DEI efforts across EEMB working groups, committees, lab groups, and individuals in the department, and will report on its activities to the entire department in regularly scheduled communications (e.g, weekly emails, biannual department meetings, etc). Additionally, the DEI committee will collaborate with other groups on campus and beyond to advance shared DEI objectives that transcend the departmental level.


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Co-Chair Working Group 3
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